Prof. Dr. Alfred Rohloff was born in 1931 in village of Baubeln, which was completely destroyed in the Second World War and no longer exists. It was situated in the northern part of the german Eastern Prussia, which today belongs to Russia and is known as the „Kaliningradskaja Oblast“. In `36 he moved with his parents to „Stallupönen“ (now `Nesterow´), where he lived until 1944, when the Russian invasion forced them to migrate.

After the war he went to the norhern part of western Germany, attended the high school „Athenäum“ in Stade from which he graduated in 1951. He then worked in the administration of the local government in Lüneburg until 1953, when he started his graduated studies at the university of Hannover. Here he initially majored in natural science but later changed to philosophy and education. He later moved to Hamburg and Cologne and he got his PHD from the university of Frankfurt/Main in 1964. His doctorate, which deals with the aesthetic positions of Kant and Schiller, was supervised by Bruno Liebrucks and Theodor W. Adorno.

After his studies he married Unnur Sigurdardóttir (icelandic) and they lived in Iceland for two years , after which they returned to Germany. He worked for several institutions of adult education („Heimvolkshochschule Jagdschloß Göhrde“, „Evangelische Erwachsenenbildung“, „Landesverband der Volkshochschulen in Niedersachsen“).

From 1975 until his retirement in 1994, he lectured at the „Evangelische Fachhochschule Hannover“ on mass media, educational and philosophical subjects.

Besides his occupation as a writer he is a hobby- painter. Professor Rohloff has four children.